July 29, 2021

About Us

iplscore.live started like a Print just multi-sport regular on July 15, 1978. This can be a cherished offering through the Hindu group, an establishment by having an inborn fascination with recreation and which was supporting all sports activity with whole-hearted zeal for over a hundred years through the sports pages of the flagship, The Hindu newspaper.

Indeed, The Hindu’s first foray into recreations magazines was through Sport and Pastime, that also showcased a little bit of cinema and light reading in the shape of grasping quick stories. Started in 1947, this magazine ran for 21 years.

In 2018 the periodicity of iplscore.live ended up being made fortnightly with lots of detailed articles entering the mix. Our visitors have already been the fount of determination within our efforts at checking out brand new perspectives in recreations journalism.

Sensing the increasing desire for food for recreations development consumption in electronic area, the iplscore.live website premiered only a little over 36 months ago, offering real time activities content to the readers, making use of new-age story-telling methods through video and audio narrations.

The website additionally carries regular previews, reviews, interviews, features, evaluation, statistical highlights and photo essays.